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What is happening:
Effective July 16, 2010, is merging with The unanimous opinion of the staff is that this is a Good Thing for the online Hyundai tuning community. It was recommended and agreed to by the site owner and founder, Javageek. We are all gracious to his initiative at creating RDT and the success that we've had over the years.

This will be as seamless a transition as possible, and your user experience at will be largely the same as it has been at The members and most of the staff from will retain their current status; we'll just be adding ourselves on to the community that already exists. Many of you are already part of both websites, and there will be no noticeable change at all for those members.If you are NOT a member on HA, please DO NOT register yet - your member profile will transition to HA.

All threads and user profiles will be moved. The information we have worked to accumulate here together will not be lost.

Why is this happening?
It seems inevitable that a model-specific car forum targeting a car that is 9-15 years old will not last forever. We want to maintain the wealth of knowledge we have in our forum and ensure that it continues to grow, and that we can continue to educate each other. has been shrinking, as long-time members have noticed already. We have much less traffic here than we used to.
Activity at has continued to increase (see statistics below).

Why such a sudden change?
This has been in the planning stages for weeks, and it has been discussed for years. The only thing sudden about this will be the changeover, which will happen July 16, 2010.
The timing of the change was chosen to coincide with the end of the Car of the Month competition. The winner this month will have the distinction of being the Last-Ever Car of the Month.

What we ask of you:
Continue to contribute to the online Hyundai tuning community. We are not going away, we are merging with another site, With the convergence of minds into one location we will be able to become a stronger community.
Have patience. We will be completing the transition over a weekend, and both sites will be down temporarily. This should hopefully take only a few (4-5) hours. After completion of the merger, all threads will be locked and archived, available for searching and reminiscing.
Be respectful. We will be newcomers to Consider the reverse scenario of taking on another forum: we would be welcoming and encouraging to the new members. It is expected that the members will be welcoming and encouraging to all of us. We are all going to be peers and equals with the existing members at The site staff will be keeping an eye out, because we will want to squash any turf wars that may arise. Don't act like you run the place.

Staff and Forum Environment:
We are aware that a few members do not care for some of the site staff. In the past, we have been more strict than some members would like. At the time, it was required to keep the peace and to prevent a very few bad apples from tearing the community apart. The problems that happened here, did not happen at That being said, Visionz (who runs has generously offered to take on some of the staff after the transition. HOWEVER, we will do our best to conform to the atmosphere, attitude, and way of doing things. The "laid back" approach at has been conducive to a larger number of threads, while keeping discussions on a mature level. When the RD was a new car platform, it was targeted towards a younger driver, and we had to be a little more on top of things to maintain order on this forum. Now that most of us have grown up, we can all be mature and handle ourselves appropriately without site staff waving the "ban" stick over our heads.

For those who doubt the difference in activity level, below are some statistics from They exceed the stats from by a fairly wide margin. With the combination of our two forums, we will be creating a single forum more active than either one separately.

- Over 1,000 registered members online per day (plus anonymous guests)
- 20 - 40 new THREADS created per day
- 150 - 200 new POSTS per day
- 40 - 50 members online at any given time
- On average 12,000 UNIQUE visitors on a monthly basis
- On average 5 - 10 new registered members per day

If you are registered under a different username at, please contact one of the site staff as soon as possible to make the merger go more smoothly. If you are not currently registered at, PLEASE DO NOT register there. You will be registered automatically when the merger is complete. Thank you all in advance for your patience and understanding during what we hope will be a painless transition.

We are not going away. We are getting bigger.

Again, DO NOT register for a new name on HA until after the transition. It will just make things harder for the merge. Nothing should change for the members, just a different website address and a few extra members.